Domain Fencing: Restrict sign-ups to an organization/institution's domain.

Consolidated Dashboard: A public and private dashboard for you to share with participants to join your queue(s) and for you to view metrics and handle payment.

Metrics: View total sign ups, number of signups in last 24 hours, average wait time, and all tickets created for each queue.

Enhanced Metrics: In addition to metrics, we'll also provide you with average time spent on each ticket, graphs for diplaying sign ups per day this week/month and all signups, a breakdown of time spent on each ticket (less than 1 min, less than 5 min, or greater than 10 min), wait time for each ticket (less than 1 min, less than 5 min, or greater than 10 min), notification preference (text, email, or no notifications), and a word cloud representing all notes attached to each ticket.

SSO Authentication: We'll work with you to add SSO for your queues.

Enterprise Customization: We'll work with you on adding custom features that you may need quickly.

File Upload: Allow participants to upload images or documents when they sign up.

Multiple Queue Hosts: Allow multiple people to serve as hosts for one queue. Each host will have the ability to claim and delete tickets. You will be able to update the hosts for a queue at anytime.

Feedback/Surveys: Include a link to a questionnaire that you'd like participants to fill out after they've been seen. We'll send a follow up email with this link on your behalf.

Notifications: Ability for host(s) to send text (U.S. only) and/or email notifications to participants.

Group Sign Up: Allow multiple participants to be served at the same time.